Company Description

FlyScribe is a startup created by 2 HEC Paris MBAs, and as we don’t know how to code… We are looking for a CTO co-founder with FullStack capabilities!

We have a lot of ambition, we work hard but always make sure we have fun!

So what do we do?
FlyScribe provides last-minute flights at flat rates without having to conduct any searches. We have created a digital platform where airlines can drop their unsold seats at the last minute. Passengers can log in, see a “menu” of available destinations, and choose their favorite flight – all at the same, low price.

Currently, consumers face very high prices for last-minute flights while airlines fly around with empty seats. Our solution gives airlines a new, risk-free distribution channel and passengers get a fun, simple way to fly. This increased flexibility creates a new customer segment which currently stays at home due to high prices

The long-term goal is to create a “Fly Unlimited” pass for one flat monthly subscription!

We’re incubated at Station F.

A little word about the two founders:

Orlando – CEO
33 years old, American/Puerto Rican/Colombian, has traveled to over 80 countries and never wants to go back into an investment banking job.

32 years old, French, loves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (he just loves to fight), has a lot of experience in project management and marketing. Created a first startup during his MBA (on-demand laundry service for campus students).

Description of the offer

We are looking for a CTO with FullStack skills.
The goal is to create, from scratch, v1 of the platform. Our current MVP was done by us, using WordPress, Woocommerce, and a script we made ourselves… it works for an MVP let’s say =)

Of course at first the job will be to develop, but it will evolve quickly. The CTO will be responsible for security issues, scalability, recruitment of developers, will be an integral part of the Growth Hacking team (short iteration with analysis and decision making). In short, a real co-founder.

To give you an idea, here is a technology stack that we think is interesting:
Front-end: Gatsby, React, Redux
Database : Firebase
Back-end: NodeJS, Express
Data Relay : REST API
Hosting : Firebase

If you think differently, that’s what we want to hear!

On the product itself, the vision is to make last minute trips extremely simple, eliminate flight searches (don’t tell Kayak!), book in 2 clicks, and filter by departure date, weather, cultural events, etc. Everything will become automated, from booking and sending tickets by email to our cool new adventurer map (secret sauce).


We’re truly looking for a co-founder: you will work with us; not for us! We like ideas!
The ideal profile would be someone with a taste for entrepreneurship, good humor, and guts.
English is important (no need to have a perfect accent either) because the CEO does not speak French very well (he’s trying hard but…).

Practicing a sport will be appreciated =)


We offer equity at the moment (co-founder level). As soon as we raise funds we will be able to remunerate ourselves. Of course the risk is there, but we see it this way: We propose a few months of work for a huge potential. Risk, fun, and a chance to finally disrupt this industry are what we offer!


If you’re interested, if you’re just curious, if you want to come to Station F and have a Brazilian coffee, or if you just want to talk leglocks and Jiu-Jitsu… feel free to contact us. We’ll respond quickly!